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MATH Curriculum

Math: We have a new Math program: Number Corner and Bridges in Mathematics.

Number Corner is a 20 minute program of skills practice as well as ongoing encounters with broader math concepts. These daily workouts include Calendar Grid, Calendar Collector, Days in School, Computational Fluency, & Number Line. The content changes monthly. There is a Number Corner Student Book.

Bridges in Mathematics is a comprehensive curriculum that blends direct instruction, structured investigation, and open exploration. It features a combination of whole- group, small-group, and independent activities that are problem centered. There is a Bridges Student Book. There are Assessments provided.

Unit 1 – Numbers All Around Us

*Counting & Data with Popsicles

*Meet the Number Rack

*Part-Part-Whole to Ten

*Adding & Subtracting to Ten with the Number Rack

Unit 2 – Developing Strategies with Dice & Dominoes

*Counting, Comparing, & Adding with Dominoes

*Fact Families & Story Problems

*Introducing Fact Strategies

*Counting by Fives & Tens

Unit 3 – Adding, Subtracting, Counting & Comparing

*Single-Digit Sums

*Combinations with the Number Rack

*Tens & Teens

*Exploring Equations

Unit 4 – Leapfrogs on the Number Line

*Adding & Subtracting on the Life-Sized Number Line

*Jumping by Fives & Tens

Jumping by Fives & Tens on the Open Number Line

*Measuring, Comparing, & Subtracting with Penguins

Unit 5 – Geometry

*Introducing Two-Dimensional Shapes

*Introducing Three-Dimensional Shapes

*Putting Shapes Together & Taking Them Apart

*Sorting & Graphing Shapes

Unit 6 – Figure the Facts with Penguins

*Story Problems for Basic Addition & Subtraction

*Combinations & Story Problems

*Solving for the Unknown in Penguin Stories

*Measuring & Comparing Emperor & Little Blue Penguins

Unit 7 – One Hundred & Beyond

*Grouping Sticks & Bundles Beyond One Hundred

*Hansel & Gretel’s Path on the Number Line

*Adding & Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers with Hansel & Gretel

*Place Value with Money

Unit 8 – Changes, Changes

*Time & Duration

*Patterns, Structure & Change

*Measurement & Data with Paper Gliders

*Measuring Our Growth